San Diego is a popular family vacation destination among the US residents. All you need is to know the right places that will be safe for you and your child as well.

Below are some of the kid safe museums you can bring your child to in San Diego

San Diego Natural History Museum

In this museum located in Balboa Park, your children will be able to view scavenger hunts & exhibits about San Diego’s geology, its ecosystem, and history.

If your child is under 5 years, he will have a great time at the Backyard play station. You will be able to watch your child play as you sit in a nearby café.

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

The museum is located in Balboa Park and is known as the largest railroad museum in North America. Your child will have the best time as he plays with the available toy trains.

The layout is unique and the scene surrounding the museum is just amazing.

Museum of Man

Whenever you bring your child to this museum, he will enjoy playing the archeologist. He can dress us like Pharaoh and learn about excavating &wrapping mummies.

If you have an older kid, he will enjoy climbing the amazing California Tower.

San Diego Botanic Garden

This is another great place to have fun with your kids as you enjoy garden inspirations. There are numerous gardens with different themes such as fire safety, plants natives, and the Canary Islands.

There are numerous activities that children can partake in at this park. For instance, they can go on a tour to watch various bird species. The activities are subdivided based on age groups and you will take your child to an activity based on his age.

San Diego’s Children Discovery Museum

This museum is a great option for your child to learn as he plays. The museum has 600 square feet indoor space and additional space outside.

While in this museum, your child will learn about chicken coops, conservation of water and energy, and worm farms.

There will never be a dull moment any time you need to take your child to a museum in San Diego. All you need to consider is the age and what your child loves doing.