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Chapter 7 

"Well go-ahead Adam, open it," Tommy instructed 

"I'm not going to open it you do it!" Adam frowned 

"Oh, for crying out loud! Didn't we do this already I'll open it!" Mandy cried. She pushed against the door it gave way easily 

"Fred?" Mandy asked in a surprised and confused tone of voice 

"How did you kids ever find me?" Fred asked looking as surprised and confused as everyone in the room 

"The question is how did you get in here?" Ben asked 

"Well that's a very long and confusing story," Fred sighed "But it seems that one of your friends has become," Umm, well how shall I put this" 


"Yes whacko!" Fred exclaimed "When I confronted Miss Tina, about having a disagreement with Mel." "She whacked me across the head and the next thing I remember is waking up in this forsaken place" 

"Umm, I really hate to break up this happy reunion but "We've to get out of here and try to reach the beach. Before whacko girl realizes that we've tricked her," Ben told them 

They had only stepped a foot away from the darkness of the tunnel. When they were all met with an unexpected visitor 

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be dead or something?" Adam asked. Mel slowly shook his head and sighed 

"I'm so sorry; I didn't know how crazy she really is until---" 

"So Mel, since you're her favorite whatever would you mind telling us what the hell is going on!" Ben frowned. Mel sat on one of the rocks and sighed again 

"Tina's mom and my dad are good friends. She took Tina to see him right after Paul was arrested" She was so scared that the stress of 

what was going on with Paul, that Tina would have some sort of mental break down," 

"Ha!" There's understatement!" Adam interrupted 

"Anyway, I was working at my dad's office at the time and we became good friends. We'd go out to lunch after she finished her sessions with my dad." "A couple weeks ago she called me and told me about the stories that Ben, was writing about Paul "I calmed or so I thought I did and told her not to worry about them," Mel explained 

"Hey! I was only writing those stories as a plot to get at the truth of what happened I knew that he didn't do it" Ben interrupted. "A week after Paul was arrested I went to see him and had a long talk we came up with this plan." In where I'd write these stupid stories blaming him about what happened to Grace, in hopes that the real killer would think that they had gotten away with it" make some sort of mistake. And get busted in some way" 

"That my friend was never going to happen," Mel interrupted sadly 

"And why not?" Ben frowned 

"Because Tina killed Grace," Mel mumbled 

"Oh, this just keeps getting better and better!" Adam cried out 

"Tina; was obsessive with Paul ever since their father walked out on them." Then when Grace came along she threatened Tina's illusion of her happy home" And was afraid that she'd take him away from her. And when he told her that he planned on marrying Grace; right after graduation Tina, just snapped" Mel sadly explained 

"But if she loved him so much?" How could she just let him take the blame for something he didn't do?" Tommy cried out angrily 

"I guess that she'd rather have him locked up someplace where he could be free to fall in love with someone else" Mel shrugged 

Chapter 8 

"This is unbelievable" Ben mumbled "If you knew all of this why didn't you just tell us?" 

"I wanted to but—" 

"But what Mel?" A strong and harsh voice interrupted him 

"Tina I—" 

"Shut up!" How come you're not rotting away someplace?" Tina raised the rifle up to her shoulder and was about to pull the trigger. But Mandy stepped in front of her 

"Put the rifle down Tina." 

Tina slowly lowered the rifle from her shoulder and stared at Mandy with a confused look on her face 

"Mandy, what the hell are you doing!" Tommy yelled He tried to pull her out of the way. But Mandy gently pushed herself away from him 

"Give me the rifle Ti," She whispered softly reaching out for it 

"No! I don't want to—" 

"Give it to me Ti." 

Tina just shrugged and raised the rifle back upon her shoulder 

"Okay Mandy, get out of the way she's going to shot you if you don't! Tommy cried 

"Go ahead Ti, shot what are you waiting for we all know the truth Paul's dead. "And I'm glad because he's back with Grace in a better place far away from you!" 

"You little bitch you're so fucking dead!" Tina yelled as she fired the rifle 

Chapter 9 

"Don't you think its time that you stop?" Mandy asked 

Tina's eyes opened wide with disbelief 


"That's right and since you can't kill me twice, why don't you just give me the rifle," Mandy demanded 

"No! I got rid of you once and I can do it again!" Tina snapped. She went to walk away from Mandy but ended up tripping over Mel's foot. Tommy and Adam moved quickly and got a hold of Tina's arm 

"Get off of me!" She screamed "And where's Paul! I want to talk to Paul!" 

"It's over Ti, but if you're a good girl I promise not to trick you again and take you to him. "Do we've a deal?" Ben asked. Tina just nodded her head 

"Do you really promise?" I'll be good I swear!" 

"Okay let her go" Ben smiled 

"What? You gotta be kidding!" Lori began 

"A promise is a promise," Ben interrupted winking over in Tina's direction. After the boys let her go Tina went up to Ben and gave him a quick peek on the cheek 

"Thank you," She whispered then ran off yelling for Paul 

"No Ti, wait!" Mandy cried watching where Tina was running to but Tina just ignored her. And the others pleas for her to return she just kept running farther and farther into the ocean waves. Yelling out for her brother over and over again 

Chapter 10 

An hour later after the police finished taking their reports Mandy stared out towards the beach. She jumped a little when Tommy slipped his arms around her waist 

"Why do you think she did it? She sobbed 

"Ti; was a very sick person I'm sure not even Ben could figure out why she did what she did. "But how did you know about the gun—," 

"Sorry dude, but I'll never reveal my secret!" She laughed 


"Shh! Let's not think about that okay lets just think about what a great story" Ben's going to write. In the next issue of the school newspaper" I can just see the headlines now 

"How I and the other goof balls I was stuck with spent our spring break!" Mandy laughed 

She then kissed him long and hard 

"You're weird you've been hanging around Grant to long!" Tommy laughed 

"Thanks, I think you're pretty weird too" She smiled Then reached up for another kiss 

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